A picture of me. A picture of me.

I was born in the university town of Lund, Sweden in 1973. After spending my first few years in Sweden I moved with my parents to Australia where I stayed for 17 years before returning to Sweden in the summer of 1997.

After many years of business, study, work, travel and consulting, I have finally settled down on the outskirts of Malmö in my family's old farmhouse.

Now I teach by day and engineer by night.


Lund and Malmo University logotypes.

My first Masters degree in "Computer Science and Engineering" from Lund University was completed in 2004 which led to many years working with advanced technology around the world.

12 years later I completed my second degree, this time in "Upper Secondary Education" at Malmö University. This enabled me to become a fully accredited teacher of Mathematics, Technology and Computer Programming at the upper high school level.


I mostly teach computer programming at the NTI Gymnasium in Malmö, Sweden.

This school for upper high school students has a strong focus on digital technology and modern communication networks.

The programming courses I teach even cover an introduction to computer game development for a range of platforms with a particular focus on web-based applications.