Hello and welcome to my site.

This site is under constant construction but I aim to get some useful information and links up as soon as possible. On the right you will find links to some really great tech sites:

Spaceflight Now
Keep track of the latest news on spacecraft launches and other space related news.
News for nerds! Stuff that matters.
New Atlas
Latest cool gadgets, research and inventions. Earlier known as Gizmag.
Interesting news on solar power plants, vehicles and a lot about Tesla.
Builders and operators of the worlds only reusable orbital class rockets.
Home of the world's most popular electric vehicle manufacturer.
Information on and virtual tours around the worlds first energy-positive nuclear fusion reactor. This is the enormous testbed for a major international project to realize economically feasible electricity generation from nuclear fusion in a Tokamak.

Being a teacher I felt I had to make this page functional as an HTML example for students. Therefore all HTML and CSS files are fully commented to explain the function of each line. This is the type of webpage that is required for students of Web Development 1 in highschool to demonstrate fundamental knowledge of HTML and CSS syntax. So feel free to use the layout as a template for your own website.